What is it?

The FiForms Framework is an Application Development Framework for building web-database applications in XML, powered by MySQL and PHP. AJAX-enhanced forms, sub-forms, custom reports, and dynamically generated menus create a seamless user experience.

The FiForms Framework enables developers to build web/database applications rapidly in XML. Using FiForms XML Application Markup, a developer can build a complete database application without writing a single line of PHP code.


FiForms started as a collection of PHP classes for creating web-based data entry screens for a MySQL database. It has since grown into a collection of projects addressing many aspects of web-database development needs. The FiForms framework currently includes the FiForms data-entry classes and the FiReports XML report generation scripts. These libraries are combined with additional scripts which utilize the new XML capabilities of PHP version 5 to create a framework for developing web applications completely in XML.

How can I get it?

The FiForms Framework is open source software (Licensed under the GNU General Public License). You can download it, use it, and share it for free! The FiForms Framework will run on (almost) any computer, and on (almost) any operating system, although we recommend using a secure operating system if you plan to use it with important data. Even if you're not familiar with MySQL and PHP, you can download the XAMPP+FiForms package, and have everything up and running in minutes.

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Under the Hood

The FiForms Framework consists of a modular hierarchy of PHP classes which bind HTML input boxes to fields in a MySQL database. FiForms does the work of querying the database, navigating through records, and outputting the data in HTML.

FiReports, the reporting engine of the FiForms Framework, works in a similar way along side the FiForms XML form generation scripts. FiReports enables developers to generate XML, CSS, or printable HTML reports from a single XML definition.

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